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Western Canada Update – Soil Sampling Variability, Crop Quality and a 5-Step Plan for Zilmax in the US

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 Western Canada Update 

 Beyond A Horizon: Accounting for Variability in Soil Sampling
dirtThe first thing Jeff Schoenau likes to do when assessing soil is dig.Schoenau is Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Chair and professor at the University of Saskatchewan and he believes digging a soil pit can give a good indication of the vertical distribution of nutrients in a given area. But, as tiring as digging a pit may be, the work doesn’t stop there.

 SaskAg Data Paints ’14 Crop Quality Picture
seedSaskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture has released a report outlining the quality profile of this year’s crop.

Only nine percent of the province’s spring wheat crop is projected to be graded number 1 – well below the 10 year average of 39 percent. For winter wheat, only three percent is expected to grade as number 1, compared to the average for the last decade of 47 percent. The quality challenges with durum have been well-documented, and the SaskAg data backs those reports up.

 Merck Animal Health Rolls Out Updates to Zilmax “5 Step Plan” in the US

Merck Animal Health has announced “significant progress” in the implementation of its Zilmax Five-Step Plan (follow that link for details). With insights from the company’s advisory board, an extensive assessment and analysis of existing, as well as new product data, was conducted, Merck says.

Merck had suspended sales of Zilmax in August of 2013 following processors refusing cattle fed the feed additive siting health issues in a number of cattle fed the product.

 CMBTC Releases Recommended Malting Barley Varieties List for 2014/15
Listing the top picks for both 2-row and 6-row varieties, the recommended list is a helpful tool in selecting varieties that are most likely to be selected by maltsters beginning next fall. Of note, AC Metcalfe is the top pick on the 2-row side, followed by CDC Copeland. CDC Meredith and CDC PolarStar round up the four varieties that account for up to 85% of the malting market. Staying with the 2-row lines, Newdale, Major, Bentley, Merit 57 and CDC Kindersley make up the rest of the demand.

Flexibility Agreement Available for 2015 Nexera Acres
In 2015, growers can purchase Nexera canola under a Flexibility Agreement.The Flexibility Agreement allows farmers to produce Nexera canola and sell it as either a commodity canola or, potentially garner a delivery contract with a health premium in the Omega-9 Oils market.

“The only request we have of the grower, if he’s going to sign a Nexera Flexibility Agreement, that he does sell his Nexera canola production…back to one of our processors,”


Created November 12, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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