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Western Update – Are Farmers Being Sold More Tech Than They Need?

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Western Update 

 AgNerds: Are Farmers Being Sold More Tech Than They Need?
anTo justify purchasing a new piece of technology for a farm, its value can’t be based on the “wow factor.” It must solve a problem and improve the overall efficiency of the operation. With that in mind, are farmers being sold more technology than they need? Should a producer have to pay for the cost of all the bells and whistles on a new unit if they’re only going to use its base features? 



 $2.2M Committed to Researching Gaps in Winter Wheat Agronomics


A total of $2.2 million is going to be spent over the next four years on winter wheat agronomic research in Western Canada, with the money coming from the federal government and several producer-funded and industry organizations. Lethbridge MP Jim Hillyer announced the federal commitment of $1 million to the Alberta Wheat Commission on Tuesday.


 Another Kind of March Madness – This Week in the Markets

More chatter about new crop acres continues to help the grain market trade sideways as we move towards the second half of March. Domestic corn-for-ethanol and soybean crush demand remains fairly strong, as does canola crush here in Canada which is up 20 per cent year-over-year last week, but the strength of the U.S. dollar is hurting export potential. In fact, China recently sourced corn from Ukraine and high-protein wheat from Canada and Australia instead of our neighbours to the south. 



Wheat School: 28 New Wheat Varieties Recommended for Registration With Customer Requirements Top of Mind 


A wheat variety might produce huge yields or have stellar disease resistance, but if there’s no market for it, there’s probably no point in registering the variety for production in Canada. Instead, it might even have a negative impact, damaging Canada’s reputation for consistency and quality. As Lisa Nemeth of the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) explains in this Wheat School episode, it’s the role of the Prairie Grain Development Committee’s quality evaluation group to make sure customers’ needs are reflected in the wheat varieties recommended for registration.



 Soybean School: The Theoretical Top End of Soybean Yields And How to Edge Ever Closer


In this episode of the Soybean School, Bernard Tobin asks series regular Shawn Brenneman, agronomist with Syngenta, first for his start-of-planting prediction and what pest risks are lurking beneath the snow pack, and then how farmers can start to chip away at sky-high soybean yields. Scouting is absolutely key, says Brenneman, as your crop should “want for nothing” if you’re after top yields.




Created March 23, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

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