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Western Update – Beyond the Bushel Ep 2 – Why Farmers Choose Wheat

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Western Update 



 Beyond the Bushel – Ep.2: Why Farmers Choose Wheat

In this second of four episodes of Beyond the Bushel, we asked several western Canadian farmers the simple question of “Why grow wheat?” From there, your host Shaun Haney explores what goes into making wheat a successful crop in rotation, and how marketing goals and opportunities plays a key role in the crop’s success on-farm.



StatsCan Stocks Report Overshadowed by Canadian Dollar 

Grain and oilseed markets showed little reaction to the latest stocks estimates from Statistics Canada released on Wednesday. The agency’s December 31st, 2014 stocks numbers were generally in line with trade expectations, with all-wheat pegged at 24.8 million tonnes and canola at 11.1 million (see all the numbers here.) Traders were expecting 25 million tonnes of wheat and around 10.7 million tonnes of canola.



This Week on Real Ag – Weather Forecasts, the End of Floor Trading and Minivan Shopping Advice – Feb 5th

Kelvin Heppner returns to host this week’s news podcast, recapping some of the main ag stories from the past week, including the end of an era in futures trading in Chicago, a weather forecast for the rest of winter and spring in Western Canada, keeping nutrients out of the Great Lakes and what “sustainable” looks like in Canadian beef production.


 Food Freedom Day to be Celebrated on February 6th

Every year, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture calculates the date by when the average Canadian has earned enough income to pay for their annual grocery bill, and dubs the day “Food Freedom Day.” This year, Food Freedom Day occurs on Friday, February 6th – one day earlier than in 2014.


The UAV Boom – Managing Risks, Leveraging the Benefits & Training Operators


Between 2010 and 2013, Transport Canada issued 1,527 approvals for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations, with the number growing every year. Last fall, the organization announced exemptions to the Special Flight Operations Certificate, once mandatory for all non-recreational use of UAVs.



Created February 9, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

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