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Western Update – Come Hang Out with Us At RealAg Live!

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Western Canada Update 

 Real Agriculture is Hosting a New Event – Join Us at TechTour LIVE
techtour live

 A brand new Western Canadian event is rolling out in early March – Real Agriculture’s TechTour LIVE!

In partnership with Dow AgroSciences Canada, this one-day, workshop-focused event is all about boosting your on-farm-efficiency advantage.

Featuring top-notch speakers Donald Cooper, of Cooper Canada (Sporting Goods fame), and Bob Parker, a NASCAR pit crew efficiency guru, attendees of the TechTour LIVE event will hear about the hidden opportunities in business management, ownership and vision and learn about the “Pit Crew Challenge.”

 Why #GaryinGeneva Matters – Connecting with Canada’s Overseas Customers
Many in Western Canada may be surprised to learn that the Triffid flax fiasco of 2009 is still weighing heavily on the minds of some European customers. That’s according to Gary Stanford, the president of the Grain Growers of Canada and a farmer form Magrath, Alberta. Stanford was recently asked to represent Canada’s famers in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Global Grainsconference. After his presentation, Stanford fielded questions from the audience, and was surprised by the focus of some of the concerns. 

CWB Responds to Speculation About Privatization


With speculation swirling around the privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board, the chief strategy officer for CWB has published an open letter explaining why much of grain marketer’s commercialization plan is being kept confidential. Although she doesn’t mention Farmers of North America’s offer specifically, Dayna Spiring describes why bids to acquire CWB may have been rejected.


 The Markets This Week – Expensive US Wheat, Thin Margins & Questions Around Chinese Demand
Grains started the month of December with wheat in the driver’s seat thanks to concerns out of Russia and Australia. In the Land Down Undaa, ABARES, the Aussie version of the USDA, cut its official wheat production estimate by one million tonnes (or about four per cent from its previous estimate) to 23.22 million tonnes, thanks to drier weather in the east and unusually wet conditions in the western part of the country-continent.

Changing Tires with Pneu-Tek: A Pitch From Agribition (Plus a Poll!)
pneuThere are a number of products available to help farmers change their own tires. Pneu-Tek Unlimited has filled booths in many of western Canada’s trade shows, and we were able to catch up with them at Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) to hear more about their products. In this video, Justin Ochoa walks us through the process of changing a tire, using some of the tools available through Pneu-Tek. Ochoa talks about their impact demounter, bead breaker and keeper, providing pricing later in the video.

Created December 9, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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