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Western Update – Ottawa Fine-Tunes Weekly Grain Mandates for Railways

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Western Canada Update 

 Ottawa Extends and Adjusts Weekly Grain Mandates for Railways
railThe federal government is extending – but also reducing – the weekly minimum grain shipping requirements for Canada’s two national railways, as it aims to resolve the remainder of the grain backlog in Western Canada. A new Order in Council will take effect on Sunday, November 30th and require CN and CP Rail move between 200,000 and 465,000 tonnes of grain per week through March 28th, 2015.

Pin-Ups and Protein: Coca-Cola Expands Further into Dairy with “fairlife” Milk

Coca-Cola announced its acquisition of equity stakes with Select Milk Producers, Inc. of Fair Oaks FarmsBrands, LLC in 2012. Then, the acquisition was largely based around “Core Power,” a milk shake marketed as a high-protein, natural, post-workout drink. But few knew much about the company’s move into dairy until the “fairlife” milk brand recently began its national conquest in the United States.

 Escape the Cold: The Value of Seeing How Your Crop is Used in Other (Warmer) Parts of the World


Need an excuse to take a trip to a warmer place this winter? Can it be justified as a field trip for the farm?

Cold temperatures might be a good enough reason to head south, and maybe it’s easy for him to say because he’s newly retired, but the former CEO of the Canadian International Grains Institute says a farm business case can also be made for visiting countries that buy Canadian crops.

  WGRF Ramping Up Investment in Crop Research
cerealsThe Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is aggressively increasing the amount of money it’s investing in field crop research. The board for the producer organization recently passed a budget of over $18 million for 2015 – up from a projected $14.8 million in 2014 and $7.3 million spent in 2013. “WGRF member organizations have encouraged us to increase research funding,” said WGRF Executive Director Garth Patterson in an email to

 Selling hay to the UAE: Challenges and Opportunities
Canada exports 600,000 tonnes of forage each year, with an estimated value of $150 million. This market is continuing to grow, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.Selling hay to the UAE opens a world of possibilities, and a world of possible problems, says Alan Gardner of Haydar Group of Companies. None of these challenges are insurmountable once you understand the characteristics of the market. However, the cost of not knowing these requirements can be significant, he says.


Created December 9, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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