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Western Update – Pre-Owned Gets Certified, T-Shirt Sales, and the Question of Western Canadian Precision

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Western Update 
 Kickin’ Tires – Ep. 8: Pre-Owned Gets Certified, T-Shirt Sales, and the Question of Western Canadian Precision

In this latest edition of the Kickin’ Tires podcast, co-hosts Shaun Haney and Jim Hale talk certified pre-owned and the bid for used machinery spending, and then move on to a talk on brand loyalty in the face of t-shirt sales. From there, the two move on to the level of precision seen in the corn industry – from not just planters, but also on to input placement, including insecticides. 






 Machines Communicating With Each Other in the Field – John Deere Offers Coverage Map & Guidance Line Sharing

You could say the day when tractors “talk” to each other in the field has arrived, as John Deere has expanded its field automation system to include coverage map and guidance line sharing between machines.

New Machine Sync features unveiled last month build on the application’s ability to link a combine with a grain cart to allow the combine operator to control tractor speed and cart location.



Soybeans Receive Crop Insurance Coverage in Alberta 

Soybeans have cleared another hurdle in the crop’s quest for more acres in Western Canada as Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corporation has decided to start offering crop insurance coverage for soybeans this year. Both dryland and irrigated soybeans will be insurable in certain areas under an AFSC program called the “New Crops Insurance Initiative.”




Conn Elected Chair of the Canola Council of Canada

The Canola Council of Canada has new chair.

Brian Conn, vice-president of oilseeds with Louis Dreyfus Commodities Canada Ltd. succeeds Nipawin, Saskatchewan farmer Terry Youzwa, who finished his two-year term as chair.

“On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Terry for his service as Chairman,” said Conn in a CCC news release. 






The Rule of Thumb for Sunflower Disease: The Lighter the Lesion, the Bigger the Losses 

 Sunflowers may rival flax for the honour of “prettiest crop,” but this brightly flowered food and oilseed crop has another rather dubious distinction – disease magnet. From the very ominous sounding phoma black stem, to the insidious sclerotinia, Real Agriculture caught up with Sam Markell, extension plant pathologist with North Dakota State University to talk about all the disease that are trying to kill your sunflowers.





Created March 11, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

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