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Western Update – Swaying the Moveable Middle and Knowing GMO

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Western Update 

 Open, Honest Conversations Can Sway the “Moveable Middle”
midsI remember reading an interesting quote that, paraphrased, said society was losing touch with where food came from and that the increase in urbanization was a death knell for rural life. The quote was from the 1920s. Shocking? A little, but it’s also an excellent bit of perspective for where we sit now, nearly 100 years later, when food and where it comes from is not only a hot topic, but also the number of people actually producing food here in North America is at an all-time low.

 Cervus Adds Two More Alberta Deere Dealerships
Cervus Equipment Corp. continues to expand its network of John Deere dealerships in Western Canada.The company announced yesterday that it has signed a deal to acquire Deer-Country Equipment Ltd, which owns Deere dealerships in High River and Vulcan, Alberta. “As with the recently completed Evergreen acquisition, signing of this Definitive Agreement represents a strategic opportunity for Cervus to expand our Western Canadian presence in areas adjacent to our established John Deere locations,” said Graham Drake, President and CEO of Cervus in a statement.

 Grower Groups Recommend Changes to Transportation Act
trainWith the deadline for submissions just weeks away, farm groups are making their recommendations to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel on how the Canadian rail system can be improved.Although the statutory review of the Canada Transportation Act looks at the legislative and policy environment surrounding the Canadian transportation system as a whole, grain transportation is getting priority consideration due to the challenges moving grain by rail over the past year.

 Montana Brucellosis Case Prompts Quarantine of Thousands of Cattle

On Friday, Montana state officials announced that a few thousand head of cattle had been quarantined, as a cow near the border of Yellowstone National Park has tested positive for brucellosis.

Brucellosis was first introduced into North America by infected livestock brought in by European settlers. It’s a zoonotic bacterial infection with forms that affect many different species of mammals, most notably humans, bison, elk, cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats.


 Canola School: Taking the Liberty of Brushing Up on Herbicide Injury Symptoms
clarkNow that there’s a little more time on our hands, we can look back at the growing season and see where issues and inefficiencies arose. One of the major concerns this year in Western Canada was herbicide injury, especially in canola crops, where some growers thought their Liberty Link canola was seeing injury from its partner herbicide. But, the symptoms actually suggested exposure to group 2 herbicides, according to Clark Brenzil, provincial weed control specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

  A FarmTech ’15 Preview – Generational Differences, Australian Experiences, Improv & Interaction
The FarmTech Conference always reaches max capacity well ahead of the conference start date. Why? Attendees and organizers alike will tell you it’s the calibre of speakers and the network of farmers and industry who attend that make this Edmonton-based event a must-attend. This year’s early bird deadline is January 9, 2015. Real Agriculture’s Jason Stroeve managed to escape the office long enough to sit down with Rick Taillieu, of the Alberta Canola Producers Commission and FarmTech event coordinator.


Created December 14, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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