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Western Update – The Trials and Tribulations of #farm365

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Western Update 

People Crave Information about Farming – The Trials and Tribulations of #farm365 

The great thing about social media – like Twitter and Facebook – is that it provides a megaphone for farmers, a group of people who have struggled for decades to be heard by consumers. The flipside is, of course, that technology doesn’t discriminate; a megaphone for farmers is a megaphone for everybody else, too. Which makes the initial vegan-activist backlash to the #farm365 movement somewhat expected, but it still caught many off-guard.



 Wheat School: Options for Poor Quality Seed Lots – What Can a Seed Treatment Fix?

There’s no shortage of less than stellar wheat out there – the weather near the end of summer and early fall was not kind to harvest or the resulting grain (remember all that snow in September, Alberta?). While some quality parameters aren’t deal breakers and might be managed through bumping seeding rates, others can’t be fixed or treated for and really should mean finding an alternative seed source.


 Rocky Mountain Acquiring Manitoba Ag Equipment Dealer Chabot Implements


Calgary-based Rocky Mountain Equipment, through a subsidiary, has entered an agreement to purchase all the shares in Manitoba agricultural equipment dealer Chabot Implements for $6.8 million.

A family-owned business started in 1935, Chabot sells Case IH and other brands through locations in Portage la Prairie, Steinbach and Elie. Chabot also handles Kubota, Buhler and various shortlines through its site at Neepawa, Manitoba.



 Kickin’ Tires – Ep. 8: Pre-Owned Gets Certified, T-Shirt Sales, and the Question of Western Canadian Precision

Hot on the heels of the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville last month, three of the big equipment manufacturers rolled out spiffy new certified pre-owned equipment programs – what’s all the fuss about? And is the extra shine and gloss of a certified sticker worth heading to the dealer vs. hanging out at auction (our guess is the coffee is better at the dealership).



Machines Communicating With Each Other in the Field – John Deere Offers Coverage Map & Guidance Line Sharing 

 You could say the day when tractors “talk” to each other in the field has arrived, as John Deere has expanded its field automation system to include coverage map and guidance line sharing between machines.

New Machine Sync features unveiled last month build on the application’s ability to link a combine with a grain cart to allow the combine operator to control tractor speed and cart location.

Created March 13, 2015 | Category: Agronomy

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