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Western Canada Update – Spray Tips Year in Review, TWORA and TRCW-24 Disc

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 Western Canada Update 

Spray Tips with Tom Wolf – Ep. 12: The Year in Review – 8 Points of Your Spray Operation to Evaluate
As farmers shut the door on the 2014 production season (save for those in Ontario still slogging through corn harvest), so too do we wind down the last of the Spray Tips series. In this post-harvest down-time, it’s important to take a much needed breather, then, before you know it’ll be time to start the shop projects and equipment maintenance for next year, if you haven’t started already. Before you get started, though, Tom Wolf, spray application specialist, has a handy list of things to evaluate, clean up, fix or replace on the sprayer.

 This Week on Real Ag – Market Outlooks and Mega-Farm Mistakes – Nov 20, 2014
The outlook for grain and oilseed prices might not be as bad – and the cattle market’s trajectory not as good – as the general consensus, according to our guest on TWORA for November 19th, 2014 (click above to listen.) From the Ag Excellence Conference in Winnipeg, Kelvin Heppner chats with FCC chief economist JP Gervais about the big market picture for crops and livestock, as well as land prices, including the impact if, say,a corporate farm in Saskatchewan goes under.

TRCW-24: The Pride of the Rome Disc Collection


If you happen to pass the TRCW-24, you’ll need a second glance – it’s huge. A standard disc blade is an overwhelming 36in in diameter, and somehow, there’s an even bigger option: the 1,100 lb, 42in disc.

The implement is designed for deep plowing, mixing, aerating and plowing through heavy trash. Indeed, the machine can plow through tree stumps, small trees and sod, protected by its rugged boxed angle construction and impressive 24,000 lb weight.

 Man. Farmers Flooded by Cut in Portage Diversion to Receive Compensation


Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn and Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said $1.15 million has been committed to paying crop and forage producers for lost production and land restoration. “During our flood response, the Manitoba government used the Portage Diversion to manage water flow and provide protection to as many Manitobans’ homes and properties as possible,” said Kostyshyn.

Beyond the Bushel – Ep. 1: Shepherding the Seed

Welcome to the first episode of an exciting new four-part series on Real Agriculture – Beyond the Bushel. In this series, we’ll take you on an in-depth exploration of the wheat and barley value chain in Western Canada. While wheat is a very familiar crop, and one that grows well over much of the world, it’s far from simple. Developing new varieties is actually quite complicated for several reasons, reasons outlined in the first episode of Beyond the Bushel, where we discuss plant breeding with both a public and private plant breeder – Dr. Francis Kirigwi, of Syngenta, and Dr. Robert Graf, with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


Created November 23, 2014 | Category: Agronomy

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