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Wheat School Update – Check Out the Latest Wheat School Episodes

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RealAgriculture Wheat School Update



Wheat School: The Producer Car Backlog and the Role of the Canadian Grain Commission 

While the Canada Grain Act provides farmers with the right to order their own railcars, in reality there have been major challenges for many farmers and their administrators in securing access to producer cars for shipping grain over the last few years.





There’s no shortage of less than stellar wheat out there – the weather near the end of summer and early fall was not kind to harvest or the resulting grain (remember all that snow in September, Alberta?). While some quality parameters aren’t deal breakers and might be managed through bumping seeding rates, others can’t be fixed or treated for and really should mean finding an alternative seed source. 




extenso Wheat School: 28 New Wheat Varieties Recommended for Registration With Customer Requirements Top of Mind


A wheat variety might produce huge yields or have stellar disease resistance, but if there’s no market for it, there’s probably no point in registering the variety for production in Canada. Instead, it might even have a negative impact, damaging Canada’s reputation for consistency and quality. 





 The wheat market is due for some additional volatility in the weeks leading up to seeding season in North America, says the general manager of FarmLink Marketing Solutions. Sharing the wheat market outlook at Grainworld ’15 in Winnipeg last week, Lawrence Yakielashek (formerly with Toepfer Canada) said he believes the bearish sentiment in the wheat market is losing steam and could be reaching the tipping point farmers are hoping for.




jh  Wheat School: Two Methods for Evaluating Survival of Winter Wheat


As the snow retreats (quickly now, get on with you), it’s time to get out there and take a good look at the winter wheat stand. There is such thing as doing a winterkill evaluation too early, but, depending on the method you use, you could need up to two weeks to get a good read on the stand you have. It’s important to know what you have, because the time to put nitrogen on winter wheat is early, long before you really well and truly know if it made it.


Created March 23, 2015 | Category: Events

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