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Winter Wheat Weekly Update May 5-9th

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Winter Wheat Weekly Update May 5-9th

Thank you to all industry agronomist’s and producers who provided information relating to the current winter wheat crop conditions in their areas.

For the most part winter wheat fields are recovering well ( new growth both above and below the soil) with most area’s reporting fair to good conditions.
In the North Central and Peace Region’s: the winter wheat crop is still recovering thus allow for another week to fully assess the plant stand.
Central Alberta: Most fields are in good conditions with majority of the fields in the 2-3 leaf stage
Southern Alberta: Majority of the fields are in fair to good conditions. There has been some reports of winter kill however are more localized than across the region.

Some area’s have been receiving freezing temp’s at night which raises concern about survival.

The amount of frost winter wheat can take depends on several things i.e.

·        Growth stage – if it has resumed growing it can take -4 at the crown before you will see much damage. You need it to be pretty cold for that to happen as the soil tends to be warmer than the air at night

·         Length of the cold period – temperatures that dip down for a few hours aren’t as damaging as extended cold

·        How rapidly things warm up – slower is better

·        Soil moisture – wet soils reduce impact of frost as their free water freezes before water in plant cells

Tomorrow morning there is a winter wheat webinar hosted by MB Ag discussing crop conditions, spring assessment and new hybrid fall rye. The link is  or if you are unable to attend and would like to view the webinar at a later date it will be posted on YouTube. ( I will provide the link when it becomes available)

Winter Wheat Assessment Article (.doc)

Created May 12, 2014 | Category: Farming Tips

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